As Quick As We Can ... this is Ultimate in one page ...

Twenty-five years experience of D-jing.

Recently downsized the business, with the closure of our manufacturing side of the business, to concentrate of entertainment, AV hire etc.

Suppling direct to leading hotels and venues since 1988
Full back up within house and sub-contractors
All relevant insurances and licences held
VPL video performance licence held
Video DJ’s employed

Development of Live Shows exclusive to Ultimate
Simple act supply to full event management
Ultimate Prop Hire for deluxe themed nights
Client liason on venues behalf, maintaining venue margins
Pre and post audio and visual production when required

All regular entertainers and DJ’s abide by a signed code of conduct
Full promotion design and conceptuals for themed events/regular nights
Working all the time as part of the venues team
No ego’s, no “attitude”, just hand picked great people everytime
Smart dressed always, formal when required

Originators of “Club Tropicana” Eighties Nights
Creators of the original “Big Cheesey Night Out”
Owners of The Ultimate Night Out Concept
We make clients’ events simply better

Run a WE GOT SOUL event at Brierley Hill Civic monthly along with

Reunion disco too!

In short, you can deal with a creative, full time professional company who understand business, have no “attitude”, have over 30 years experience, and directly employ a team to deliver the best experience and totally above board at every level.
Trusted by international brands to deal direct with their clients in a professional and profitable manner.

Tel: 0121-515-4180